Welcome to the Coastal Terrace Prairie on Fairway Drive
Located in Santa Cruz County, CA on the west slope of the Santa Cruz Mountains at ~400' elevation

Almost nine acres along Fairway Drive in Soquel were deeded to the Land Trust in 2000. Included are slightly more than three acres of coastal terrace prairie, a particularly sensitive and rare type among California native grasslands. The Land Trust began management in 2001 and is responsible for all monitoring. Without management, the quality of such a small grassland can easily be degraded, particularly through invasion by non-native species.

For more information on the coastal terrace prairie and its dependent species, please click here: Coastal Terrace Prairie

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One of the treats of living in this area is the abundance of wildlife. Take a virtual tour by clicking on the picture and you may see some and/or all of the residents of this coastal terrace prairie.
What is the Land Trust of Santa Cruz County?
The Land Trust of Santa Cruz County is a nonprofit organization that safeguards the natural treasures of Santa Cruz County.

What is the mission of the Land Trust?
The Land Trust, in cooperation with public and private interests, protects and manages lands of significant natural resource, agricultural, open space and cultural value in Santa Cruz County.

What principle guides the Land Trust?
We believe that people and the natural environment at peace with each other will both thrive.

For more information: http://www.landtrustsantacruz.org/
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