Human trafficking is the recruitment, harboring, transporting, obtaining or maintaining of a person by means of force fraud or coercion for purposes of involuntary servitude, debt bondage, slavery or any commercial sex act in which the person performing the act is under eighteen years old.[i] And while the word “trafficking,” which denotes movement, is in the name human trafficking, physical movement is not a requisite.

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Each one of us can, in some way, step in to fight this atrocity! Here are a few ideas:

  • Becoming informed about human trafficking is a great first step.
  • Speak up! Report if you see any suspicious activity that looks like human trafficking.
  • Give out of your time and resources -  donate and volunteer!
  • Seek out a local organization to be involved in.
  • Schedule a training with In Our Backyard 365 for your group.

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Nita Belles is an author and speaker who works with victims, from rescue to restoration, partnering with top law enforcement, government officials, social services and faith communities to combat human trafficking.

Her book, In Our Backyard, has raised awareness for thousands, and as a result, USA Today, CNN, Fox Files and others have interviewed her to further the cause. Her work also includes anti-trafficking efforts surrounding Super Bowl and legislative efforts.

Nita's has an enthusiasm for life and is known as a powerful motivational speaker and trainer who will impact any group to which she has the opportunity to present.

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